This is about you, you want the best and only “The Classics” will do…The best mixers, top shelf liquors all come together to give you the drink you deserve…so when your done and it is time to add the cherry, step up, to a Colossal Cherry, grown and hand picked in the USA.
At Twisted Cherries, we are proud of the co-op of Growers who have been producing the finest fruit products since 1932. What began with 700 fruit tree “rootings” brought to Oregon by covered wagon has grown into one of Oregon’s largest food producers. These farms now cover more than 2,500 acres of land in Oregon’s bountiful Willamette Valley and along the Columbia River Gorge, with plants in The Dalles and Salem, Oregon.
Go Big or Go Home! At Twisted Cherries, we take this seriously...All of our cherries our hand-picked by our farmers in the North West and by hand picking these amazing cherries, we focus only on Colossal Cherries! We dare you to find a bigger, better cherry!
Sustainability: From using cherry pits as road covers, earthworms for soil management, swapping out harsh chemicals for natural pesticides, sustainability is woven into every part of our operations. The beautiful Pacific Northwest offers everything our growers need to produce some of the best Cherries in the world.
Sustainability guidelines include:
  • Protect and conserve water resources
  • Protect and enhance soil resources
  • Reduce waste through composting and mulching practices
  • Reduce the use of pesticides, using Integrated Pest Management control methods
  • Conserve and enhance wildlife habitat
  • Conserve and recycle nutrients
  • Produce safe, wholesome, high-quality food products
  • Produce crops without genetically modified organisms (GMOs)